Telehealth Appointments

Gastro Health now offering telehealth visits, allowing our patients to get the care they need safely from home. For a telehealth visit, patients need a device with a camera and microphone.


Frequently Asked Questions about Telehealth:

How do telehealth visits work?

Our office is using a technology called for telehealth visits.   

You will receive a text message from your provider a few minutes before your scheduled appointment.  Within the message, there will be a link that will lead you to your provider’s virtual waiting room. Once you’ve entered the waiting room, your provider will see that you’re there and join the room.


How can I send medical records or other documents relating to my appointment?

You can use our Patient Document Portal to send us documents and records.


Are Telehealth services limited to patients with COVID-19?

No, the statutory provision broadens telehealth without regard of the diagnosis of the patient.


Are Referrals or Prior Authorization required for Telehealth?

Most insurance companies are not requiring Prior Authorization for telehealth services at this time. For more information, check with your insurance provider.


Can I schedule a Telehealth appointment with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant?

Yes, Physician’s Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are qualified to provide telehealth services.


Could Telehealth services be rendered while Physician/NP/PA and or patients are at home?

Yes, at this time, the originating site has been waived.


Can New Patients be scheduled for Telehealth visits?

Yes, both New and Established Patients can be seen at this time.


Can Telehealth services be rendered via telephone?

No, at this time, the law signed by President Trump specifically requires use of a resources that provides bidirectional audio and video telecommunication. However, in certain circumstances, a telephone visit may be warranted. If you are experiencing a problem that would normally require a visit to the office, then a face-to-face (telehealth video) visit is necessary.


Can Face Time, Zoom, Skype, etc. be used for Telehealth?

Yes, at this time, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is allowing the use of everyday communication technologies during the emergency. However, our office is primarily using for telehealth visits . Please see below section for Instructions for Telehealth Patients.

Do Copays and Deductibles apply to Telehealth visits? 

Check with your insurance provider for your specific coverage details. Instructions for Telehealth Patients:

Our office is using a technology called for telehealth visits.
We will send you a text message a few minutes prior to your appointment.  The text message will come from a number you will not recognize but when you open it, you’ll see that it’s an invitation for your telehealth appointment.
The message will have a link for you to click to begin your visit. You will be prompted to enter some information and enable audio and video. You’ll be placed in a virtual waiting room.  It may take a few minutes, but a member of your care team will soon join you.


Informed Consent for Telehealth Patients:

By accepting a Gastro Health invitation to participate in a telehealth visit via an available application (i.e.,, etc.), you authorize your Gastro Health provider to use telehealth in the course of your diagnosis and treatment. Please review our Informed Consent for Telehealth Services. You will also receive a copy when you receive your appointment confirmation. DOWNLOAD PDF